Formar (To Form-To Shape) is a methodology at once individual and collective aimed at honing the skills of discernment and understanding to expand the ability to heed intuition and enrich creativity. The group practice of production and/or detached, painstaking, intelligent, precise, and concentrated observation is equally useful to everyone involved, regardless of previous education. It exponentially augments the potential of perceptive, expressive, systematic, and/or revolutionary practice and exchange in the field of contemporary art.

Another aspect of Formar is embodied in Giron’s exhibitions, in which she formulates in the public sphere a format for interpretations produced by the visitor, guided tours, and actions from a range of approaches. These readings are available not only to knowing and but also casual viewers of all ages; they occur both in the exhibition space and the classroom.

Mónica adapts the Formar methodology to the requirements of the studio or institution where she is practicing it. To the extent possible, her projects can be adjusted for the sake of collaboration and intergenerational exchange to make the experience as enriching as possible.

Other Collaborations
Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM), Degree in Argentine Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires province, Argentina; Universidad di Tella Artists’ Program, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (UNNE), Art School, Resistencia, Argentina; #Obra, Río Gallegos, Argentina; KHIO, Kunstfag, National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway; Academy of Art and Design, Bergen, Norway; KUVA Fine Arts Academy, Helsinki, Finland; 0944 nonprofit organization and Ruth Viegener studio, Bariloche, Argentina; Madelaine Hollander Contemporary Art Projects, Guayaquil (in collaboration with the Cuenca Biennial), Ecuador; Porto Alegre Art Festival, Brazil; Fundación Antorchas and Asociación para la amistad Latinoamericana, Posadas, Argentina; Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes Regina Pacis, San Isidro, Argentina.

Recent Presentations, Lectures, and Tutorials:
2020 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Low-Residency MFA Program (USA) in Program Mentor, (in Buenos Aires), fall 2020. At the invitation of Sofía Reynal and John Neff.
2019 Visual Art Teachers’ Series at the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, an extension of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), September 2019. At the invitation of Maruja Bustamante, Marina Jurberg, Cecilia Closa, and Marina Daies.
2019 Artists and Researchers in Dialogue: Common Spheres for the Production of Knowledge at the Instituto Teoría e Historia del Arte Julio E. Payró, Septermber, 2019. At the invitation of Mercedes Nicklisson.
2019 On the exhibition Zonas reflejas at New York University (NYU), Buenos Aires (Argentina), April 2019. At the invitation of Florencia Malbrán.
2019 Escuela SUR at the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (Spain), on the exhibition Zonas Reflejas, with Alfredo Aracil, February 2019. At the invitation of Lucía Jalón and Claudia Rodriguez Ponga.
2018 Club Fenix, (Buenos Aires, Argentina), June 2018. At the invitation of Ayelén Coccoz and Mariana Lerner.
2018 Proa Film Workshop, Fundación Proa (Buenos Aires, Argentina). At the invitation of Gerardo Naumann.


About Experimentation – Mónica Giron – 1983
Falcon and dog teachers – Mónica Giron – 2004
Under the frond – Mónica Giron – 2005
Workshops: Art, inter-subjectivity and learning – Mónica Giron – 2014
The seven levels – Liv Schulman and Ivo Aichenbaum – 2017
To Form – Mónica Giron – 2018
An exercise on perspective – Mónica Giron – 2019